1st/2nd Grade Louise Nevelson Textured Sculptures

Students started off learning about one of the five basic senses: touch. With their eyes closed and open, they experienced different sensations in feeling textures such as fur, sand paper, felt, rubber, fake grass, etc. They described what these textures felt like and whether they enjoyed or disliked those sensations and why. After the discussion on where such textures are on this planet, they were introduced to sculpture artist Louis Nevelson.

Louise Nevelson is most known for her monochromatic (one-color) large sculptures using found objects. After looking at some of her artwork and discussing what they see through the arrangement of objects, the students were excited to build their own sculptures. They were given a variety of materials with different textures to create a sculpture that has many layers and surprises to it.


The final steps include choosing one color that will cover the entire sculpture and giving the work a title. They will revisit Louise Nevelson’s sculptures and see how she used her titles to give meaning. The final step of making will be a mini critique so their peers have an opportunity to ask questions and the artist has time to explain their artwork and process.


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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