West African Music

This year the Saklan West African Music program is embarking on an exciting and ambitious program. Each class is learning a different style of music from the Ewe speaking people of Ghana.

Ewe music is organized into different styles. Every style has its own set of rhythms, its own dance, and its own songs that are sung. Any one style could have countless drum patterns, choreographies or songs that are composed by master musicians. All these compositions fit within the style of music and are performed together.


The 4th grade is learning Agahu, a social dance that we performed at the Annual Spring Concert last year.


The 5th grade is studying Atsia, a social dance whose name literally means “style.”

The middle schoolers will learn a style called Tokoe which is a rite of passage dance performed by Ghanaian teenagers.

Each class will learn rhythms, choreographies and songs that belong to these styles throughout the school year. The students will improve their musicianship and build community. Saklan students also gain respect for other cultures and develop their listening skills.

Mr. Isaac teaches after school enrichment classes on Thursdays. Students can sign up for these classes if they are looking for more opportunities to learn and participate in the Saklan West African Music program.


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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