Save Endangered Species

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The 6th grade has been learning about climate change the last few weeks. In doing so, they not only learned how that may affect human health, coast lines, and society, but also ecosystems and some species that can not adapt quick enough.

Due to this, the students picked an organism that needs our help. These included the Snow Leopard, Polar Bear, Galapagos Penguin, Sea Turtles, Arctic Fox, and Narwhals. Students researched where they are located, why they are important in that ecosystem, and what threats there are to their species.

In order to help them, students are going to be holding an election next week. Starting on Monday, you will see decorated buckets that will be on the tables when you enter the school. We are hoping you will add your spare change to the organism you want to help the most. Each cent will count as one vote. So, one penny counts for one vote, a quarter 25 votes, a dollar a hundred votes, etc. All the money raised will go to the World Wildlife Fund which are working to help these organisms. We will symbolically adopt the organism that wins and let you know the winners! Thanks for helping out!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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