Saklan’s Eighth Grade Learns Financial Literacy

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In Leadership class, it is important that our eighth grade students learn about the real world. One way that we prepare our students is by bringing a financial expert into Saklan to run an hour and a half workshop. Our expert and current parent, Ana Darby, has volunteered her time for the past two years to help educate our future adults.

Ana has developed a curriculum that is accessible to teens. She teaches them about creating a budget as soon as they have any income. Within that budget structure, she advises that they put 10% of their income into a savings or retirement account, even as young as thirteen years old. Mrs. Darby also discusses the importance of giving back through charitable donations, if that is a possibility. Next, students learn to read and understand a bank statement and how credit works. Finally, the most meaningful activity the students do is to be randomly assigned a particular profession. This year’s choices were doctor, cashier, computer programmer, and veterinarian. Each student was given a set income, a list of expenses, and a budget template. They were required to make choices about how they were going to spend their money and type up a monthly budget. Needless to say, most students were shocked how expensive everything was. Overall, each student seemed to have more of an appreciation of how hard their parents work. #SaklanWellRounded

Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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