Eighth Grade Math

The eighth graders have been working on an extremely important unit, The Linear Equation, in which they explore the interconnectedness of equations, graphs, tables, and patterns. First, the students used different tile patterns to make tables, write a rule or equation, or play games. They then looked at the relationship between the patterns and their graphs. Using what they found, the students were able to draw conclusions about the tables and graphs to write equations and to do it all in reverse, quickly drawing graphs and making tables from equations. This mastery of linear equations or y=mx+b will greatly help these algebra students as they move on to more complex quadratic equations.

After finishing the remainder of Algebra 1 at the beginning of the year, the students have moved on to geometry. Right now they are learning how to write proofs using various games to make it more fun. They will also continue to do challenging logic puzzles, focusing on writing clear justifications of the conclusions they reach. This will help them solve the complicated proofs that await them this year.

Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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