Saklan Goes to Senegal!

In a couple of weeks, Ms. Obenchain, Saklan’s Super-Science Specialist, is heading to SASTA-VickieObenchain copySenegal for her fellowship she won through Teachers for the Global Classroom. We are so excited for her!
She will be teaching Senegalese students science, and, particularly, about California and American culture. Our Saklan students and families are invited to share in this Global Classroom experience with 300 boys and girls ranging from the elementary school years through to the high school grades.
To do this, Ms. O was hoping to bring a few things, and thought maybe our entire Saklan community could help. If you come across any of these items and would like her to bring them to her Senegalese students, she would greatly appreciate it!
  • She would like to teach them about some American holidays, like Halloween, and is asking to receive gifts of individually wrapped candies – Jelly Bellies, Sour Candies, Ghiradelli Minis, Hershey’s Kisses, as examples.
  • For some younger Senegalese students, she would like to give small California/San Francisco mementos: erasers, pencils, bookmarks, key chains, etc.
  • Consider sending any of your photos that she could use to highlight American and California holidays and/or lifestyles: holiday pictures and/or vacation pictures that Ms. O can easily pack in her suitcase. Pictures can be emailed to
Your gifts and print pictures for Ms. O’s Senegalese students can be delivered to the office or the science lab NEXT WEEK by Friday, March 30th.
Thank you so much, in advance, for your generosity:-)

Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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