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Dear Saklan Community,

In today’s Flag we recognized International Pi Day, which is March 13 (3.14).  This has Brianbecome an annual Saklan tradition started by our Math teacher, Saul Zippin, and involves 8th graders presenting inspiring poems about the Quadratic Formula and a competition to see who can memorize the largest number of digits for Pi. This year’s competition saw the establishment of a new school record. To the delight and awe of the entire school body, and many parents and friends in the audience, 8th grader Brian recited the value of Pi to 95 digits and thus established a new school record.  It has been Brian’s goal to win this competition and for the past year and he has been preparing with the use of an online game called Pi Runner.  As the reigning champ, Brian’s advice to future competitors is:  Keep on Counting!!

Last Friday marked the end of our second trimester and report cards are being put in the mail today.  You will also have received an email today inviting you to sign up for our Parent-Teacher Conferences which are held on March 22nd & 23rd.  This year we will be doing all of conference sign ups on line using Sign Up Genius.  This is a great time to get an update on your child’s academic progress as we move towards the end of the year.

This week we sent out invitations to our annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day which will be held on Friday, March 30th.   We look forward to honoring and celebrating our students’ grandparents or their special friends with a program of music, student presentations and fun activities in the classroom.  Please make sure you RSVP so that we can welcome you in the best possible way.

Have a great weekend!




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