Skyping in Science


Yesterday the 7th grade class skyped with a Scientist from the Gulf of Mexico, Ms. Samantha Silvestri. Samantha is a marine scientist specializing in reef zooplankton.

The students first spent some time learning about her and her research, asking great questions. Perhaps more importantly, however, they learned about how marine debris (such as plastics and oil), have made their way into ocean organisms and have caused biomagnification of pollutants in our food.

To end on a positive note, Samantha discussed positives people are doing to help the human impact on the ocean.

Fun Fridays in February!


Saklan’s Student Council has planned lots of fun and games on the last three Fridays in February!  They have chosen a different theme for each of these Fridays.  Please have your child dress in clothes that relate to the specified theme.  At lunchtime each day, the Student Council officers will play a cooperative game with the elementary and middle school students to boost school spirit and to encourage teamwork.  Please refer to the list below for days and themes, and please remember that your outfits must be school and weather appropriate!

Friday, February 9th-Hawaiian Day

Students are encouraged to wear clothes that are in a Hawaiian theme. During lunchtime, student will be participating in a water balloon toss contest.

Friday, February 16th- Class Theme Day



Each grade level will choose a class theme so all students can match and build team spirit. We will have a 3-legged race for grade level pairs to participate in during the lunch hour.

Friday, February 23rd-Pajama Day


This is a Saklan favorite!  Kids should wear their favorite pajamas and appropriate slippers to school.  At lunch, the students can participate in a donut-eating contest

We hope you join in the fun!

Yearbook Dedications

yearbook image

Would you like the opportunity to place special, personalized notes in Saklan’s yearbook? You may design your dedications digitally or they can be handwritten. Special pictures, drawings, and notes are all welcome. They just need to fit within the space purchased and follow the guidelines.


  • Be sure to include who the dedication is to and from
  • If handwriting the dedication, please use BLACK INK only; a fine line marker works best
  • You can email, save on a flash drive, or if you are submitting a non-digital dedication, we will scan it for you. All submissions need to be given to Shay at the front office or via email at
  • Please use high quality photos as much as possible
  • All files must be in JPEG, PNG, or TIF format at 300 dpi with a total file size of no more than 12 MB
  • Be creative and have fun!


Please submit your dedications to the school office with payment. All dedication submissions must be given to Shay or emailed to

Questions? Please contact Yette Prizeman  at

Dedication pricing :

$75.00 – Quarter (¼) page

$125.00 – Half (½) page

$250.00 – Full page (8 x 10.5)




Head’s Corner

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Dear Saklan Community,

Over the break we officially moved into the Winter season and cold weather, especially in the mornings, is a feature of our Moraga micro-climate.  Coming from Berkeley every morning, I notice a significant temperature drop as I come down Moraga Way.  As such I encourage parents to make sure your children are dressed warm for school. The flu season is also upon us and reports are that this year’s strain is a bad one.  Please refrain from sending children to school if they have flu symptoms.

A question came up recently about the school’s uniform guidelines and outdoor wear.  In the interest of keeping our students warm, we have decided that there would be no restrictions on outerwear. The goal is to stay healthy and keep our students coming to school to learn. However, once in the classrooms, all students must adhere to the uniform code.   For those of you with children that have outgrown, consumed, or maybe lost items, our Parent Association’s uniform guru, Kim Manning, is offering a day-long Uniform Boutique next Friday, January 19 in front of the school. All items are free which makes it the best deal in town!

A very creative idea was given to me this morning by Debbie Budowski, mother of Max (Grade 7).  We currently use cones to delineate the area where the bus lets off in the mornings. Sometimes parents do not park there even after the bus has left.  So to let you know how things stand, if the cones are on the road it means the bus has not yet arrived.  If the cones are on the sidewalk the bus has already left.

This coming Monday will be a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King.  Our Grade 2 students have been studying MLK and at Flag this morning shared their own personal ‘I have a dream’ statements:

Max: I have a dream that everybody will get along and never ever fight.

Lilah:  I have a dream that everybody can have a good doctor.

Jordan: I have a dream that everyone can go to a good school.

Emily: I have a dream that there will not be any pollution.

Mori:  I have a dream that people won’t be mean to other people.

Kori: I have a dream that people will follow the law.

TJ: I have a dream that all people are treated equally.

Lilia: I have a dream that people will pick up trash.

Nikko: I have a dream that everybody has food to survive.

Hailey: I have a dream that people will not use guns.

Hana: I have a dream that everybody has friends.

Remember that Monday is a holiday.

Have a great long weekend!


Worm’s Eye View Snowman


During our first week back from break, the third graders created Snowman pictures inspired by a book we read: “Snowmen at Night.” We made our pictures from the perspective of a “worm’s eye view” and used chalk pastels to add shading and dimension. Come by our classroom to check out their masterpieces!

Manipulatives in Math

In 7th grade pre-algebra on Wednesday morning, students had fun working with algebra tiles. This process of hands-on learning allowed them to visualize the abstract idea of a variable.  With more practice, they will discover the rules of working with variables and be able to solve increasingly difficult equations. See how fun math can be?

Reunion Recap

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Last Sunday, we hosted our ALL Saklan Alumni Reunion here on campus, bringing back alumni from the Class of 2017 to the Class of 2011 and in between.

Here’s what to know:

8 of our favorite Saklan teachers and staff greeted alumni.

54 alumni visited.

16 alumni parents joined us.

0 alumni had kids of there own.

43 alumni are in high school.

11 alumni are in college.

74 Top Dog hot dogs were eaten.

936 laughs were exchanged.

78 “Let’s do this again next year!” were joyously expressed!

Building Our Future Together

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Saklan families are asked to make a donation or pledge to the Annual Fund. These gifts ensure the continued health, success, and growth of our school.

While tuition establishes the foundation for building bright futures of our children, it does not cover the full cost of a Saklan education. A contribution to the Annual Fund benefits each and every student at Saklan, bridging “the gap” between the actual cost to educate each student and what families pay in tuition.

We encourage you to consider the impact your gift will make, to realize the value of your donation in providing an exceptional school experience for our students, and to make your gift a personally meaningful one while fully understanding the significance of our budget gap.

We have 10 more days of the active period of the Annual Giving Fund, which will end on January 22.

These are the ways you can support Saklan:

  • To donate online, please click HERE.
  • Giving by check? Please mail in or drop off at the office.
  • To pledge NOW and pay by May 15, 2018: Please email your commitment amount to
  • Want to discuss your gift further? Please contact our Director of Development, Carol Goldman, at

Thank you very much!


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