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Dear Saklan Community,

Over the break we officially moved into the Winter season and cold weather, especially in the mornings, is a feature of our Moraga micro-climate.  Coming from Berkeley every morning, I notice a significant temperature drop as I come down Moraga Way.  As such I encourage parents to make sure your children are dressed warm for school. The flu season is also upon us and reports are that this year’s strain is a bad one.  Please refrain from sending children to school if they have flu symptoms.

A question came up recently about the school’s uniform guidelines and outdoor wear.  In the interest of keeping our students warm, we have decided that there would be no restrictions on outerwear. The goal is to stay healthy and keep our students coming to school to learn. However, once in the classrooms, all students must adhere to the uniform code.   For those of you with children that have outgrown, consumed, or maybe lost items, our Parent Association’s uniform guru, Kim Manning, is offering a day-long Uniform Boutique next Friday, January 19 in front of the school. All items are free which makes it the best deal in town!

A very creative idea was given to me this morning by Debbie Budowski, mother of Max (Grade 7).  We currently use cones to delineate the area where the bus lets off in the mornings. Sometimes parents do not park there even after the bus has left.  So to let you know how things stand, if the cones are on the road it means the bus has not yet arrived.  If the cones are on the sidewalk the bus has already left.

This coming Monday will be a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King.  Our Grade 2 students have been studying MLK and at Flag this morning shared their own personal ‘I have a dream’ statements:

Max: I have a dream that everybody will get along and never ever fight.

Lilah:  I have a dream that everybody can have a good doctor.

Jordan: I have a dream that everyone can go to a good school.

Emily: I have a dream that there will not be any pollution.

Mori:  I have a dream that people won’t be mean to other people.

Kori: I have a dream that people will follow the law.

TJ: I have a dream that all people are treated equally.

Lilia: I have a dream that people will pick up trash.

Nikko: I have a dream that everybody has food to survive.

Hailey: I have a dream that people will not use guns.

Hana: I have a dream that everybody has friends.

Remember that Monday is a holiday.

Have a great long weekend!


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The Saklan School is a private Pre-K through 8 school located in Moraga, CA. Our mission is to think creatively, act compassionately, and live courageously.

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