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Dear Saklan Community,

As I write this week’s blog, our 4th grade class is in Coloma on their annual overnight field trip to study the Gold Rush, and the 5th graders are in Marin Headlands on their three-day overnight field trip. These are the last two of overnight field trips in the calendar this year; which also saw our 6th graders spend a week in Yosemite, our 7 graders travel to Hawaii, and our 8th graders study US Government in Washington DC. All of these exciting educational experiences are made possible through the support of our wonderful parent community through donations and direct participation.

Hoot Owls celebrate International Moment of Laughter Day

Today is officially Good Friday, which precedes the Easter, and I wish all of our families that celebrate this holiday a Happy Easter. In the spirit of creativity, which clearly runs strong at Saklan, and in connection with our goal of promoting happiness, our Hoot Owl students are celebrating the little known, but definitely engaging and enchanting, International Moment of Laughter Day. This day, which falls on April 14, is an unofficial holiday created by humorologist Izzy Gesell, who encourages people to forget the stresses of daily life, and give into the healing and relaxing power of laughter. Medical studies have shown that laughing reduces stress, increases blood flow, and lowers blood sugar levels. Some studies have found that people who laugh just before going to bed are much more likely to sleep better than those who did not. In addition to its health benefits, laughter also has social advantages. People who are jovial tend to be quickly accepted in social groups and have an easier time making friends. Laughter is a way to spread joy and happiness, and bring cheer in the lives of other people.

Our Hoot Owl students and families clearly had many moments of laughter this morning, which is a fitting way to prepare for a happy weekend. Thanks to Mrs. C and Miss Joy for coming up with this creative idea!

Have a great weekend,


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