Eighth Grade Op-Ed on the Women’s March

By Sophie Eckstein, 8th grade

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The Women’s March last Saturday in Washington, DC, was — and is — a major movement for women’s rights. This movement wants women’s voices to be heard and wants their rights to be respected as human rights. More than three million people around the world last Saturday joined this cause to stand up against President Donald Trump and his prejudiced views. I decided to go to this protest because I am a feminist who is hoping that love will trump hate.

The crowds I saw at the march were ginormous. Everyone was swarming around. The fat line of people stretched all of DC, and the masses of pink hats were a cheerful site everywhere. The signs were all creative with sayings like, “Girls just wanna have FUNdamental rights!” Seeing all the signs made me want to high-five everyone because of all the effort they put into them.

It was an amazing experience, being able to know that thousands of people just like me had come to DC with a similar view and were marching with me. The one downside was that I got anxious because of the massive size of the crowd. It was impossible to go to the restroom without waiting for an hour minimum!

Overall, this incredible experience has now brought out my inner activist.

Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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