Robotics Enrichment at Saklan

This fall, Ms. O and a group of 10 curious students embarked on a mission to build, program, and battle Sumo Robots. The students learned about motherboards, their components, and soldered needed parts such as: motors, battery packs, and sensors.  After the building process, students learned how to program lights, sensors, motors, and then we battled our robots! Their task was to move around the ring and once they sensed another robot, they were to attack and push that robot out of the ring. Or if they came too close to the edge of the ring, they were to abort and move away from the edge to start searching again.

This was as much of a learning process for the kids as it was for myself. The students have an intro to building, soldering and coding, which can help them continue trying to program their robots. It was a fun enrichment class which we hope to do again next fall!

Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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