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Dear Saklan Community,

The big event of this week was undoubtedly the Halloween and Harvest Festival on Monday. This is the first time that we have put on this event and it was tremendously successful by all accounts. This event was sponsored by our Student Council and our students played a big role in running many of the activities. A big thank you to Kim Parks, who is our Student Council Advisor, to Hoot Owl parent Sarah Gray, who helped organize and marshal the efforts of our parents, and to all of the faculty, staff and parent volunteers who helped in many ways. Of the many activities that were organized, the haunted house was as big a hit as ever. The costume parade and competition was fun and colorful and our students enjoyed dressing up in unique and creative costumes.


Our Lower School students had fun going to the Aegis and Moraga Royale assisted living homes and singing their Halloween songs. And finally, the middle school deck was turned into a spooky disco which attracted students of all ages and parents as well. Here is what some of our students liked about the Harvest Festival:

Milo (Grade 3) – I liked the haunted house because it was scary and I got candy.

Natalie (Hoot Owl) – I liked the Frankenstein Bat in the Cave game.

Brooke (Grade 4) – I liked the dance party because the music was loud.

Sophia (Grade 5) – I liked the Harvest Festival because it wasn’t too chaotic.

Skyler (Hoot Owl) – I liked making the cookies.

Ysa (Grade 6) – I liked the freedom to go where you wanted, and the games were fun and creative.

Ruby (Grade 2) – I liked the mummy race because they wrapped me up in streamers.

Abby (Grade 6) – I liked the costume contest.

Chloe (Grade 3) – I liked the scary bowling because I like bowling.

Meera (Grade 5) – I liked everything because it was awesome.

In two weeks we will have our Fall Follies. It will be held at the Willow Springs auditorium and will start at 10:00. In the occasion of the Fall Follies, we will also launch our new website. I look forward to a big crowd on November 18 to experience this fun showcase of Saklan talent.

Have a great weekend!


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