5th Grade Autobiographies


The fifth grade students just completed their autobiographies which culminated in sharing them with their parents and younger students.  The project consisted of 6 chapters:

Chapter 1….”My Early Years to the Age of Five”…The students interviewed their parents by asking them 20 questions.  Each child learned a lot of information and some of the responses were quite humorous!

Chapter 2…”Me Today”…The students wrote a composition in class that described their personalities, physical characteristics, qualities, and things they enjoy doing.

Chapter 3…”My Favorite Activity”…In this composition the students described a favorite activity that included a full description of the activity: Where, when, and who they do it with, as well as whey they enjoy it.

Chapter 4…”Activities The I Do With My Family”…In this composition, the students wrote about activities that they do with their family, as well as what they do with each member.  This even included their pets.

Chapter 5…”Timeline”…The students created a timeline of 20 significant events in their lives starting from birth to today; then they illustrated the events.

Chapter 6…”Choice Chapter”…..In this chapter the students were able to choose a topic of their choice that was of interest to them.

Each autobiography included a decorated cover, title page, table of contents, and photographs or pictures with captions that followed each chapter. These will be on display in our classroom for several weeks, and the students really enjoy looking at them over and over!  Please feel free to stop by and take a look at them!

Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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