Eighth Grade Field Trip to LHS

Last week, the eighth grade went to the Lawrence Hall of Science to investigate the properties of Liquid Nitrogen. The students safely worked with the freezing liquid to manipulate matter and see what happens to different items at about -200 degrees Celsius.
They saw balloons completely contract inward, to only crinkle and fill to the original shape once back at room temperature. They also saw leaves crack and shatter once dropped on a table after being submerged in the liquid, and they saw it completely take the energy out of different elastic items.
It was a SUPER fun field trip!

Teddy Bears Visit Second Grade. Oh my!


The beginning of November was teddy bear time in second grade. Each student brought a teddy bear to class.

The children read many Berenstain Bear books, interviewed their bear and wrote stories about them, and did teddy bear math using scales and measuring them in centimeters.

Unfortunately, we did have some problems. The bears put teddy bear stamps all over their work, hid from them, and even messed up Mr. Metzger’s office! But, most of the time we loved having the bears spend time with us. We ended their two week visit with a pancake breakfast to celebrate our special bears.

News from the Sports Court


The Saklan School raced against three other schools around the Lafayette Reservoir on Tuesday. Thirty-six runners ranging from 4th thru 8th grades ran 5 kilometers during this cross country event.

Saklan had five runners. Congratulations to Abby (6th) and Ruben (7th) for running a good race; Finn (8th) and Leo (5th) for finishing within the top ten; and Nick (5th) for finishing first. Nick had the fastest time of 20:35 minutes.

This was a terrific event and more are planned in the future, so get out there and run.

Let’s go Saklan!

Hoot Owls Vote!


After reading the books, Duck for President and President Squid, the Hoot Owl class held their own election. A voting booth in our classroom gave the children the experience of having a secret vote.

The children and their teachers voted whether the new president should have a dog or a cat for a pet. The vote was 10 votes for a cat and 6 votes for a dog. The Hoot Owls are obviously cat lovers!

Duck For President

Kindergartners read a book called Duck For President. After they discussed the story, they explored the idea of voting for candidates and what an election means.


Later, they compounded their learning by voting for Oreos or Chocolate Chip cookies. Oreos won by a landslide.:-) They took this further in their math by creating tallies and charts with their voting data.

Saklan 2012 Graduates


Congratulations to 5th grade teacher Lisa Rokas and her husband George for moving their son, James, off to college this fall. James is a Saklan class of 2012 graduate who attended San Ramon Valley High School and is beginning his freshman year at USC in the Thornton School of Music.

Congratulations also goes out to Director of Development, Carol Goldman and her husband, Ron, for moving Mac off to college this fall. Mac is also a Saklan class of 2012 graduate. He attended Bentley High School and is beginning his freshman year at University of Puget Sound where he’s studying Math & Physics.