Head’s Corner

Dear Saklan Parents,

We have moved into February and are now about one month away from our Annual Auction which will be held at the Orinda County Club on March 4. As I write this, our Auction Co-Chairs, Tony Edwardson and Katy DeBasa, together with Carol Goldman and the Parent Association are meeting to put the final touches to what is certain to be a fabulous evening.  A big shout-out to Katy, Tony and Carol, and all the auction volunteers for organizing this exciting event.

This year we have decided to focus our Fund-a-Need Project on renovating the Science Room with the goal of incorporating a more STEM-focused program. While STEM programs are more common at the high school level, a growing number of middle, and even elementary schools, are embracing the STEM movement. At Saklan, STEM is a natural fit with the school’s mission and educational goals and our Science teacher, Miss Obenchain, is already incorporating a STEM approach in her Science classes.


What defines a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program is that learning is collaborative and project-based. It allows students to work closely together in a hands-on way to solve real world problems. Learning problem solving skills and helping students develop into creative, critical thinkers is at the core of any true STEM program.  Teachers in a STEM program do not just tell students information, but rather allow students to use their own data and discovery to realize a concept. While all schools teach math and science, good STEM program connects and focuses deeply on these subjects in hopes of better preparing students for the high-demand tech jobs of the future.

Our Fund-a-Need Project of renovating the Science Room will involve a complete redesign of the room with new furnishings and purchasing STEM materials and equipment. This is an exciting project and will impact all of the Saklan community as every Saklan student has classes in the Science Room. In the weeks ahead, look for much more information about STEM at Saklan, and please support this project with your participation at the auction.

Thank you again to all the parents that attended the Town Hall last Friday. A letter with your free dress passes will be in the mail next week and slides from the Town Hall are available here.

Have a great weekend!


A Happy Ending

The last part of the second grade Dragon and Fairy Tale Unit was to do a presentation.

The students memorized fairy tale poems and put on a show for their parents and some of the other classes at Saklan. The children once again demonstrated their amazing public speaking skills.
And of course, we all lived happily ever after.

Mr. Metzger, the Storyteller!


To end our Penguin Unit for the month of January, Mr. Metzger visited the first grade class and read a book called “The Lost and Found Penguin.” The book is a profound story about the importance of friendship between a boy and a penguin. Thank you, Mr. Metzger!

Species Interactions

The sixth grade, as part of their ecology unit, have been looking at species interactions. To do this, they had to portray with a partner the relationship of two organisms found in nature, take pictures of the portrayal, and then make a comic strip with them. They used their laptops to create these impressive comics! Come check out more of them in the science lab!

It’s Time to Dawn Your Glad Rags!

The Saklan School Annual Auction, March 4, 2017


It’s official! The “store” is open! Send in your reply cards to the office or buy your tickets online for a glamorous night at our Auction on March 4.

Interested in chances to win the Grand Prize for the Instant Wine Cellar Raffle or the Catamaran Resort Vacation Raffle? Send in your raffle order form and payment to the office before the tickets get sold out.

Don’t know what to wear?  What’s a Drowsy Chaperone? When does the Auction start?  Answers to these questions can be found here.

Parents, we’re still building our Instant Wine Cellar Raffle… Please drop off your wine bottle donations by February 10. Thank you very much.

Until then, hope all’s ducky and plan on joining us for a mah-velous time, darling!

Head’s Corner

Dear Saklan Parents,

Yesterday, we held an all-school earthquake drill. Saklan students did an outstanding job of following the prescribed procedures of duck and cover and then evacuating the building in an orderly fashion. To simulate what might happen in a real earthquake, we had one student hide in the restroom, which required our search and rescue team to go back and find her.


Being prepared in an emergency is something we take seriously and practice regularly at Saklan. Every month we do an earthquake, fire or lockdown drill, and our faculty and staff have done an outstanding job in emergency preparedness. After every drill, we do an evaluation and look for issues and improvements. After yesterday’s drill, we discovered that a visitor had signed into the guest book but failed to sign out. In a real earthquake, this might have resulted in a team going back in to search for the missing person. This told us that we need to be more attentive with documenting visitors on campus.


Today, after school, we will run a bus evacuation drill. It is important for our students to also know how to exit from the bus in the event of an emergency. More information on our safety procedures can be found in our Crisis and Preparedness Plan, which is found on RenWeb.

Another safety issue that we are working on is the crossing from the parking lot at Willow Spring Church to the campus. The need for an official crosswalk has been brought to the attention of the town of Moraga, and we are working with Moraga Public Works to address this concern. Until we get this situation resolved, please be exceptionally careful when crossing School Street to and from the parking lot.

Many thanks to the parents that came out to our Town Hall this morning. My compliments to all the Board Members, PA Officers and staff, all of which made excellent presentations. The slides will be posted on our website next week.

Have a great weekend!


An Evening In Old Hollywood Awaits YOU!


March 4 is almost here! You’re invited to our swanky and swell auction gala party! And to help raise funds for Saklan students and teachers.

It’s coming up quick! So, make your list and check it twice for An Evening in Old Hollywood beyond compare:

  • Receive my invitation. Check.
  • Pull out my flapper dress from the back of the closet. Or my cocktail dress. Check.
  • Go online to buy my tickets and sponsor a teacher. Check.
  • Drop off my bottle of premier wine at school or the bus stops: Jan 30 – Feb 3. Check.
  • Buy 10 Vacation Raffle Tickets for $100 and the chance to win a week at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego. Check.
  • Buy a Teacher Appreciation Raffle Ticket for 3 (or more) of my favorite teachers. Check.
  • Buy an Instant Wine Cellar Raffle Ticket for $100—only 52 cards will be sold. Check.
  • Go online to learn more about this ritzy adults-only night in Old Hollywood. Check!


5th Annual Vacation Raffle Drawing: One week at the Catamaran Resort, San Diego, CA