Middle School Musical


A big congratulations go out to our middle school students on their wonderful performance of The Drowsy Chaperone at Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette this past week.

If you missed the show, please click on the links below to view the photos, and watch the videos.

The Drowsy Chaperone

Flickr https://flic.kr/s/aHskVFVsg9


Friday’s Performance  https://youtu.be/sOaKo9PoEqY

Saturday’s Performance  https://youtu.be/4njeewtRX8g

Let’s Go On A Letter Hunt

Letter Hunt Crop

On Saturday, May 20th from 1:00-3:00, Saklan will host an Author Visit and Reading.  Local authors Sue Tenerowicz and Lynn Champagne will read their “Seussical” adventure book, taking young readers on a marvelous journey of rhyming and hunting for letters from A-Z. Following the reading there will be a book signing and children will go on a Letter Hunt on the Saklan playground.

This event is free of charge and open to the public.  Saklan families are encouraged to attend. Recommended for Pre-K through 2nd graders.

Please RSVP at bit.ly/letterhuntsaklan.  Drop-ins are always welcome!

Head’s Corner

Dear Saklan Community,

On Thursday, May 18th, we will have the annual Spring Arts Festival. Our art teacher, Ms. Palms, has been doing great work with our students and I am confident that you will be impressed by the quality and variety of art that has been produced here at Saklan. Come see for yourself. The art show opens at 3:00PM and runs until 4:00PM. Each student in grades PreK-8 will have at least one piece of art on display.


The Book Fair, organized by the Parent Association, runs from Thursday, May 18 to Friday, May 19 in the Saklan Library. We have again collaborated with Orinda Books to offer a great selection of books for all ages. Included in this will be a large selection of books from the Summer Reading Lists for grades 2-8. Please come and visit the Book Fair which will be open from 8-10AM and 2-4PM on each of the days.

In conjunction with our Book Fair, we have organized a series of author visits next week. On Wednesday, Lily Williams, author and illustrator of “If Sharks Disappeared,” will talk to our PreK-3rd grade students. On the same day, Mitali Perkins, author of ten books for  9-13 year olds, “Tiger Boy” and “Rickshaw Girl” will speak to our 3-8th graders. On Friday, we will have two popular local authors visit. Lisa Bakos will speak to our PreK-2nd graders and Penny Warner will speak to our 3rd-7th graders. Books for all of these authors will be on sale at the Book Fair.

While visiting the campus next week, have a look at our lost and found bins that are currently overflowing.

Have a good weekend!


Eight Grade at Great America

Last Friday, the 8th grade class went to Great America to put their physics to the test by riding roller coasters and other amusement rides, determining speed, acceleration, and which forces were acting on them. Then, they applied Newtons 3 Laws of Motion to see how  physics plays a key role in the design, fun and safety of roller coasters. Students timed the rides, wore accelerometers to test the amount of g-force the ride exerted on their body and filled out a packet of physics! It was a fun day and a great last 8th grade field trip!

great am.jpg

Once back, they worked to create promotional, educational posters for their rides. Here is a sample! 

Moraga Rotary Field Day


On Wednesday, students from The Saklan School participated in the Twenty-Sixth Annual Moraga Rotary Field Day: Dashiell, Bjerre, Ryan from third grade; Lindsay, Jordan, Makenna, Reese, Colin, Isabel, and Evy from fourth grade; Ben, Bianca, Leo, Rachel, and Nick from fifth grade. They competed against other schools from Moraga in five events. Good job to all the competitors the event was fun!


Makenna (4th) won gold in the softball toss and Nick (5th) won gold in the steeple race.

Volunteer Feature: You!

With sincere appreciation for your friendship and good will, we ask you to join us in celebration of our 2016-17 volunteers.
volunteer appreciation heart
On Friday, May 19, we will be saying, “Thanks A-Latte!” to you, our volunteers, with choices of espresso drinks, chai drinks, Mexican hot chocolate, and Italian sodas. Specially prepared for you by Maya Espresso Catering.
Drinks, made to order, from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. Look forward to seeing you there!

Head’s Corner

Dear Saklan Community,

As part of our Parent Speaker series, this morning Cherilyn addressed the much discussed issue of students and the use of social media in her talk, “Get Smart With Social Media.” This workshop is the third in a three part series and follows two previous workshops, one with 4-6 graders and one with 7-8 graders.


Cherilyn started her presentation by telling us that for teenagers social media, “is a scoreboard for a real time, 24/7 popularity competition.” She shared a wealth of information and data from many recent studies on social media use, as well as data that emerged from her workshops with our Saklan students. For example, the average 13 year old checks in with social media sites 100 times a day and is in some way connected online for 9 hours per day. In one study it was discovered that 90% of 4-8 graders surveyed have phones or tablets in their rooms and 33% indicated that they are regularly online after midnight on school nights. This goes up to 60% on weekends. In an indication of how unaware parents are of what their children are doing, it was found that only 11% of the parents in the study believed this happens on school nights and 38% on weekends.

Data from our own students showed that 40% of our 4-6 graders had YouTube channels, 48% were on Instagram, and 30% were on Music.ly. In her workshop with our 7-8 graders, only 21% indicated that their social media activity was monitored by parents.

Some of the big ideas that emerged from Cherilyn’s presentation were that stress caused by online activity was very much the same as that of real life experiences and it increased through the teen years. In order to effectively navigate their futures, students need to learn how to interact with others online in safe and mindful ways. Beyond monitoring their online activities, parents should engage with their children in ongoing dialog about the realities of using social media.

A big thank you to Kim Parks for organizing this important and engaging workshop.

Have a good weekend!


Lectures On Whales

The culmination of the Whale Unit for the second graders was an oral report. They dressed up as scientists and professors and gave a lecture for their parents on a whale they had researched. This included pointing out the various parts of the whale on a diagram they had drawn and labeled as well asking for questions from the audience at the end of their lecture. They have become very confident public speakers.