Hoot Owls Celebrate 100th Day of School



Wednesday was the 100th day of school. One of the fun activities the children did was to answer the question: If I was 100 years old, I would…

Here are the responses:

…sleep. ~Natalie                                          …walk with a cane. ~Skyler

…have a bun in my hair. ~Makena          …do nothing. ~Cecily

…be crooked. ~Luca                             …have a picnic outside. ~Maeve

…be a silly person. ~Brooke               …be building a snowman. ~Jack

…look old. ~Danielle                                  …sit down a lot. ~Colin

…have blue eyes. ~Grady                          …have pink hair. ~Jordan

…move fast. ~Ochir                           …teach P.E. with a cast on. ~Avery

…have lines on my face. ~Ashley

Moving Up Day

Yesterday the preschoolers – fifth graders participated in Moving Up Day!

The students and teachers alike were buzzing with excitement. Questions, stories, projects, and enthusiasm filled each classroom. Please ask the children all about it!


The Hoot Owls Enjoy Winter Weather!

The Hoot Owl class has been busy this winter. They watched a shaving cream cloud make rain, painted umbrellas and sprayed them with water, painted on ice, made mud and ate it with worms for snack, and the most favorite, played with snow.


Now we hope it stops raining for a few days. Maybe when we take down the rain clouds hanging in our room, the rain will stop!

Hoot Owls in December

The Hoot Owls have been busy celebrating:

St. Nicholas Day & Hannukah

Santa Lucia Day & Gingerbread Men

Christmas lights & Kwanzaa

Lunch with our 4th grade buddies

Hoot Owls Vote!


After reading the books, Duck for President and President Squid, the Hoot Owl class held their own election. A voting booth in our classroom gave the children the experience of having a secret vote.

The children and their teachers voted whether the new president should have a dog or a cat for a pet. The vote was 10 votes for a cat and 6 votes for a dog. The Hoot Owls are obviously cat lovers!

Hoot Owls and 4th Grade – Gratitude Tree


The Hoot Owls created a vibrantly colorful Gratitude Tree with their buddies, the fourth grade.

The students worked together to make beautiful fall leaves. They also wrote what they were grateful for during this Thanksgiving season. The tree is filled with so many wonderful expressions of gratitude. Here are just a few: gratitude for our Armed Forces, America, family, Saklan, friends, pets, and much more. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Sharing Stories


The second graders have completed a month long project. First, they read many books from The Monster Series by Ellen Blance. This monster is lovable and kind. The next step was to choose a title for their own “monster” story and map out the characters, setting, plot, and ending. Then they wrote a rough copy, proofread and revised, recopied, illustrated the story, and finally designed a cover.

On Monday they read their stories to the Hoot Owls.

They will continue this tradition by reading their stories to some of the other classes at Saklan.

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