Mr. Metzger, the Storyteller!


To end our Penguin Unit for the month of January, Mr. Metzger visited the first grade class and read a book called “The Lost and Found Penguin.” The book is a profound story about the importance of friendship between a boy and a penguin. Thank you, Mr. Metzger!

Moving Up Day

Yesterday the preschoolers – fifth graders participated in Moving Up Day!

The students and teachers alike were buzzing with excitement. Questions, stories, projects, and enthusiasm filled each classroom. Please ask the children all about it!


Crazy Hair and Clash Day

In continuation of Good Humor Month, the students showed off their wacky hairdos and outfits for Crazy Hair and Clash Day on Wednesday.

Stay tuned. Next Wednesday is Pajama Day.

Invention Convention

The first grade class learned about simple machines. They each invented their own machine and then created those machines using various scraps of recycled materials.

During their presentations, they had to explain how this invention would work and why it was helpful. Way to go First Grade!


First Grade Field trip to Chabot Space and Science Center

First graders had a blast at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland. Seeing the world of science and space through the eyes of a child is amazing!

Star Light, Star Bright… Constellations What a Sight!


These creative constellations, fashioned from marshmallows and cotton buds, were made by the imaginative First Grade Class. The first graders presented all the facts and stories behind their individual constellations.

Coming soon… Simple Machines! Look forward to some imaginative inventions!

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